Is Malaccan Cherry Flooring a Bargain Alternative To Brazilian?

imagesBrazilian Cherry, even though a classic hardwood floor that sets hearts racing, can be too costly for most folks. That’s the main reason why homeowners are always looking for cheaper alternatives to the Brazilian Cherry. Malaccan Cherry is the nearest option to freshwater and has gradually gained popularity among homeowners that wish to replicate the class and beauty of the Brazilian.

The natural color of the wood varies from reddish-brown to a copper-pink. Featuring a straight grain pattern and a slightly coarse texture, taun is excellent for both traditional and contemporary décor because of its versatility.

It is hard to find a match for solid hardwood when it comes to adding warmth and elegance into a home. Taun seems a lot like Brazilian Cherry however is much cheaper. When taun is completed, the red color is further enhanced.

Taun steps 1900 about the scale and is considered tougher than most other soft flooring woods. Taun is much more difficult than red oak. Though 1900 is a mid century, it is still harder than most other hardwood floors. In contrast, Brazilian Cherry is rated at 2,350, which makes it one of the most difficult woods available now. Those seeking to get exactly the identical hardness could find taun a whole lot softer.10610537_355728051257932_2903140629300794252_n

Besides having a lot of similar attributes to Brazilian Cherry, Malaccan Cherry can be less expensive. Homeowners can install this hardwood inside their homes either from nailing-down or adhesive, at ground level or above. Taun or Malaccan Cherry comes in various finishes and widths to suit the interior of different homes. Taun hardwood flooring is easy to keep and suits any kind of decor.

Malaccan Cherry is rich and lovely, with amazing grain texture and colour that lights up any space. Taun not just has a resistant end but also will come with anti-scratch protection. Many taun hardwood flooring come with a 25-year warranty. The only issue with this particular wood is that it is very seldom available with hardwood sellers. If you may obtain taun, then it can be a fantastic alternative to Brazilian Cherry.

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